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To be a certain kind of speciality coffee place, serving the best coffee experience. We are an inclusive café and we strive to be personal and genuine in our service to every customer.


In our logo you will an overflowing coffee cup. The coffee drop on top represents the brewing process. The coffee drop and the overflowing coffee parts also represent a ‘happy and lively human figure’ as described below:

Head / Arms / Feet

This human figure represents the relaxed atmosphere that customers will experience in our café. We want our customers to feel the embrace of our love and service as they ‘chill over a cup of coffee’.

Our Head Barista – Parker Park

Park Seongcho (known to all of us as ‘Parker’) and born in Heilongjiang is Korean and our Head Barista. Although deaf, Parker communicates well with customers in written as he is fluent in English, Chinese and Korean. 

Trained as a barista in 2012 and a Certified Master Barista from Melbourne, Australia. Parker is gifted with a sophisticated taste palate and you will find the coffee he makes well balanced. His barista experience spans Seoul – Melbourne – Singapore and that has given rise to many drink inspiration.

Our dalgona and O’Brew Culture sandwiches are some of his many creations.